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Entrepreneurs have to deal with (commercial) contracts and general conditions, such as agreements with suppliers, manufacturers, consumers, transport companies and insurers. The conditions of, for example, a purchase or rental contract must be properly recorded to avoid problems in the future. In the event of a conflict, the contract is always referred to, even by the courts.

If agreements are not honoured or damage is suffered, legal proceedings may be necessary. Our lawyers at ClerxvanRoyadvocaten can assist you in these proceedings.

The lawyers at CLERXvanROYadvocaten have extensive experience in contract law, including the drafting of financing contracts, joint venture agreements and other forms of collaboration, pledge agreements and employment contracts. They know what needs to be considered when entering into agreements.

CLERXvanROYadvocaten can assist you in the analysis of a contract. Our lawyers are skilled in drafting contracts of all kinds and will advise and assist you in the event of a contractual dispute. In doing so, they will endeavour to safeguard your interests as much as possible.

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