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ClerxvanRoyadvocaten not only deals with legal issues, but also invests in sustainability.

In 2011, a solar power system was put into operation that provides the office building of ClerxvanRoyadvocaten with electricity entirely from solar energy. The installation of 51 solar panels produces 10,404 KwH per year. That is more than our law firm needs. The energy that is left over flows back to Essent and ensures that about four households are also provided with power.

The office building is also equipped with an electric charging post. The electricity from the electric charging post also comes from the solar panels. The charging station is not only meant for electric driving for ClerxvanRoyadvocaten, but is also available for our relations and clients who drive electric.

The objective of ClerxvanRoyadvocaten is to find a balance between financial-economic results, social interests and the environment, or the three P’s: Profit, People & Planet. By installing the solar panels, all three Ps are optimised without losing the balance between them. The trick for our office is to keep innovating and improving.

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