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Labour law

The employment lawyer deals with relations between employees and employers, such as dismissal law, contract negotiations and co-determination law.

Like a successful entrepreneur, this lawyer has a clear view of possible legal conflicts before they become problems. A lawyer from CLERXvanROYadvocaten will never be faced with unpleasant surprises because he has already familiarised himself with the subject matter before an employment law issue arises.

Disrupted labour relations between employers and employees can lead to lengthy and costly proceedings, with all the associated consequences. Our advice helps entrepreneurs, for example, to optimally safeguard their interests in the complex area of dismissal law. Naturally, we treat the information provided by our clients with the utmost care and discretion.

Our lawyers advise the management of a company in the drafting of employment contracts, negotiations and procedures and reorganisations. All relevant matters of employment law are recorded in writing by us.

A good labour law strategy is crucial for a healthy company. Our lawyers are therefore often to be found in the boardroom of companies, advising the directors.

Directors, managers and employees are also assisted by ClerxvanRoyadvocaten.

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